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High temperature wires

The process of designing any electrical installation has to take into account not only its intended use, but also its working conditions. It is particularly important in locations where cables are constantly exposed to extreme external factors. In such cases, we recommend high-temperature cables, which stand out for their increased strength and thermal resistance. As a manufacturer, we are able to recommend a wide selection of electrical installation solutions that will work perfectly in industrial plants, production facilities, and power plants.  

High-temperature wires – reliability guarantee

Our offer includes components you can use to develop a safe state-of-the-art electrical installation. The high-temperature cables we offer are products made from carefully selected materials. They demonstrate a higher resistance to extreme temperatures, securing undisturbed operation even in the most extreme conditions.

Our cables are characterised by:

  • Durability,
  • Resistance to unfavourable external factors,
  • Safety,
  • Reliability,
  • Application of technological solutions which prevent the loss of a stable energy flow,
  • Long life,
  • Resistance to chemical and flammable substances,
  • Universal applicability in installations for various purposes.

The high-temperature cables we offer are a perfect solution for devices used in shipyards, industrial plants, steelworks, and in metallurgy.

High-temperature cables tailored to individual needs

Thanks to our production capacity, we can tailor hardware parameters to the needs of a specific project by modifying its diameter, nominal voltage, and other features. We trade only in top-quality products, satisfying the strictest safety standards. And this guarantees that the high-temperature wires we supply will satisfy the requirements of even the most extensive systems. As a manufacturer of electrical cables, we also offer chemically resistant wires and halogen-free cables!

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