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Development of a safe and functional installation requires the use of top-notch electrical installation hardware.

Individual products differ in terms of their structure and parameters, depending on an industry and intended use. As a manufacturer of electrical wires and cables, we are perfectly aware of it ,and we aim to make our offer as diversified as possible. We sell a wide array of solutions, applicable even in unusual designs and electrical installation works. We provide our customers with top-quality cables and wires with very good functional parameters, which makes them fit for use in installations located in different working environments, including demanding industrial ones.

Electrical wires, electrical cables – manufacturer

Many years of experience have taught us the importance of even the smallest components of any installation in the process of designing it. Consequently, we make sure that the structure of our cables guarantees their safety and reliability. As manufacturers of electrical wires, we influence the production process, starting from the designing stage through the distribution of finished products to our customers. This approach allows us to guarantee the compliance of our products with the strictest quality standards, while securing that the process of manufacturing electrical cables and wires in our plant conforms with all relevant standards. We are constantly developing and aiming to adapt to the demands of the contemporary market. To this end, we are modifying our offer by introducing new solutions. At present, our offer includes such products as:

Manufacturers of electrical cables and wires, we have a state-of-the-art machine park and fully automated equipment, which allows us to accept even large orders, while maintaining production repeatability. This makes our offer of cable production adjusted to the needs of wholesale customers. Our electrical cables are preferred by fitters working at projects of residential and commercial buildings. At the same time, since we manufacture our cables and wires ourselves, we are able to adjust their parameters to individual needs of any customer anytime. It is very convenient, particularly when delivering products for unusual projects. Electrical cables and wires with custom parameters are made to order. We design our cables and wires so as to make sure that the finished product meets the requirements of a particular installation.

Electrical wires – wires & cables manufacturer

Our offer includes a wide array of cables, conduits, and wires intended for different purposes. We also offer products made to order. Production of electrical wires made to order allows to adjust cables and wires to individual needs of a particular investment. In our work, we apply innovative solutions and programmes, which allows for full process automation. This in turn translates into reductions of costs and time of the order delivery.

Industrial electrical wires


The offer of the Polish manufacturer of electrical cables comprises basic as well as more advanced products, the latter being industrial electrical wires developed with intense use in mind, often in very difficult and demanding conditions. Wherever there are fluctuating temperatures, high air humidity, other issues, such as chemical, oily, or abrasive substances, the Polish manufacturer of electrical cables provides reliable solutions. We have an extensive machine park, with numerous machines and specialists ready to operate them. This makes us able to manufacture electrical cables and wires from scratch in the MTO system, as well as additionally strengthen them, if need be. We apply endings characteristic for individual industries and endings used in power hydraulics.

Please, consider cooperation with this manufacturer of wires. We will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare a customised cost estimate of industrial electrical wires of your choice